About the Consultation

The current Kanawaki Lease includes a renewal clause in 2021 that could be exercised by Kanawaki, with the condition that the rental amounts to landholders be re-negotiated. The MCK has taken the lead to ensure every party of interest has the information needed for such a negotiation.

The MCK’s Kanawaki Golf Club Project Working Group has identified two phases to consultation:

1 – To educate the stakeholder about the history of the Kanawaki lands and the land lease.
2 – To consult the stakeholders about the 25 year lease extension in 2021 and to ask landholders and Community Members what they wish to see with the land in 2046.

To carry out these activities, a consultation officer was hired to contact each landholder to a) ensure they know all sides of the issue; and b) to gauge feedback on the 2021 extension and direction on the 2046 end of lease. The information collected from landholders will be provided to Canada and the Kanawaki Golf Club to be used for discussions with stakeholders for 2021.

View the More Information page to reach someone with more information on the lease and/or consultation, or view the Kanawaki Consultation Information Kanawaki Consultation Information.

MCK's Kanawaki Golf Club Project Working Group

Ratsénhaienhs Carl Horn

Working Group:
Lanny Jacobs,
Francis Walsh
Melanie Gilbert

Kanawaki Consultation Officer:
Linda Delormier

Assistant to Kanawaki Consultation Officer:
Alana Kane