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Throughout the consultation, the Kanawaki Consultation Officer (Linda Delormier) and the Kanawaki Assistant Consultation Officer (Alana Kane) will be contacting each landholder for information. If you have any questions, would like more information or have any concerns, you can contact the Consultation Officers by email at, by telephone at (514) 770-3904, or by filling in the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the Kanawaki Lease below:

If the lease is not renewed in 2021, is the land safe to use?

While the lease currently expires in 2021, there is a clause in the lease that provides for Kanawaki’s right to renew the lease until 2046.

Who are you consulting with?

The MCK is providing information to landholders and community members regarding specifics of the lease. Results of the consultation will be provided to Canada to use on any future negotiation of the lease.

What is the MCK’s involvement with the lease?

The MCK is involved in raising public awareness and development of the consultation phase of the future leas negotiations. Technically, the individual landholders are represented by Canada under the terms of the agreement. The MCK holds interests in the common land and for the communal interest in the individually held land and will be involved in negotiations within that capacity.

Documentary Excerpts

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What are your concerns about the lease? – Charlie Patton, Landholder