The Kanawaki Lease: 1910 - 2046

Since 1910, the Kanawaki Golf Club (KGC) has occupied approximately 224.4 acres of land within the boundaries of Kahnawà:ke through a lease agreement between then President of the KGC and the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND), on behalf of the Crown. Since then, a total of 8 leases have been signed.  In 1967, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke initiated talks to enter into a new lease.  The existing lease was signed in 1974 (retroactive to 1971).

The terms of the existing lease includes continued use of the land by Kanawaki until 2021 with an option for Kanawaki to exercise the agreement’s renewal clause for an additional 25 years. Additionally, the rental amounts and the further right to renew, if any, are subject to re-negotiation.

In 2016, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke launched the Kanawaki Golf Club Community Consultation which aims to setup a consultation process with landholders and community members on the upcoming possible 25-year extension of the Kanawaki lease. Included as part of the consultation process is this website, as well as, a documentary that showcases the history of the lease agreement and general insight into the Kanawaki organization.

Although the Consultation is the responsibility and obligation of the Government of Canada, the MCK felt it was important to conduct the consultation with the community to ensure that  landholders were fully informed about the history of Kanawaki and the lease prior to the possibility of it being extended in 2021 and to the start of negotiations of the rental amounts.

Additional technical information on the lease can be found in the following link: Kanawaki Lease Information. More information on the consultation process can be found on the Consultation page.

For a copy of the original lease, please contact the Kanawaki Consultation Officer at [email protected] or by calling 514-770-3904.

Landholder Map

Since the initial lease, the amount of individual private interest holders had increased to approximately 60 people, making up 215.5 acres of the total 224.4. The most recent map (attached) outlines the major subdivisions of the original lease agreement.

Want to know more?

A fact sheet with a summarized list of points is available for review: Kanawaki Fact Sheet – November 17, 2016.

Documentary: Green Fees - The Evolution of the Kanawaki Lease