Kanawaki Lease Consultation Special Meeting November 17th

Kanawaki Lease Consultation Officer Linda Delormier has announced that a Special Community Meeting regarding the Kanawaki Lease will take place on Thursday, November 17th at the Golden Age Club beginning at 6pm. She would also like to announce the launch of this kanawakilease.com website.

Phase One of Consultations (October-December) involves education and began with a documentary, discussion panel and the launch of an email and phone number to discuss the project. As well, Kanawaki Landholders have been mailed an information package yesterday (November 2). Community members will be able to obtain a similar information package at this Special Meeting.

Community members are encouraged to visit kanawakilease.com to become familiar with the background on the Lease during Phase One, in order to make informed decisions during Phase Two of consultations; which includes renegotiating rental amounts and direction on what to do with the land after the Lease is over.

Consultation Officer Linda Delormier is also available to discuss the Kanawaki Lease via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 514-770-3904.

Ms. Delormier will be contacting all Landholders directly during the month of November after they have received their information packages. Community members who wish to be consulted can contact her directly or attend the special meeting.